Check out The Affordable Spring Collection

I couldn’t wait to update my spring and summer wardrobe, but I’ll be honest that it’s still cold enough for warm clothes in Minnesota. Fortunately, I was able to shop with the little trips that I made throughout the year. I’m in California right now and I found a bunch of cute and fashionable pieces for my trip from Walmart’s spring collection. It’s full of simple, breezy dresses, colorful pieces, and sunny accessories. You seriously have the best summer dress trends if you are on a budget, and you can even find a balanced mix of accessories to create multiple looks. Below I summarize some of the most important elements that you should consider pulling the trigger!


The fashion trends of this season are all focused on crocheted textures, long tight-fitting silhouettes and cottagecore aesthetics. Walmart has all the options you can think of to suit your mood. To achieve this relaxed atmosphere of the west coast, I chose this straight crocheted dress. The casual fit and stretchy material make it breathable and easy to move – perfect for any activity under the sun.


I was especially impressed by all the pretty bags from the spring collection Walmart. There are so many styles that look design. They extend over straw patterns, baguette bags and luxurious chain straps. I chose this straw because it is perfect for warmer temperatures. I also like the fact that it comes with a removable shoulder strap, so you can change your appearance in a matter of seconds.


Strappy heels, thick sandals and chic slides are currently at the forefront of shoe trends. I like that there are so many convenient options, so you can wear them every day and during the trip. I have packed these square toe sandals for my trip that you have already seen on the blog. The padded sole of the foot and the low block heel make it so easy to run all day.